Zia by Melissa Schuster, 13.5″ x 14.75″, Churro wool on wool warp

To see what this series is all about, click here.

Materials in detail… 

Weft:  Churro Club yarn

Warp: 3 ply Worsted Wool Warp

Notes on this piece…

“This is the 2nd Zia symbol I have woven. The first was for my sister & brother-in-law who met while both were graduate assistants at the University of New Mexico. The second is for a friend from New Mexico. Eventually, I intend to weave a larger one for myself on my Navajo loom, but at this point need to weave something other than Zias. I really miss New Mexico & have always loved the beauty of the Zia symbol. (Obviously, I need some work on weaving circles!)” – Melissa Schuster


P.S. Not sure what the Churro Club is? Click here to find out more!

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