As our celebration of the anniversary of The Churro Club winds down (not to worry, there are still several more textiles to come!), we want to share a little of what inspires us to do what we do. So, over the next few days we are going to share, well, the sheep and the process!

It would take a month straight (or maybe a year) of Daily Doses to truly share the beauty of what goes on behind the scenes, from sheep to yarn to textile. But we want to give you a taste of one of the many things that inspire us to promote this beautiful fiber… the Churro sheep themselves!

This is a short video shot during a recent shearing. Though I have crossed paths with many a sheep in my day, they never cease to amaze me. Each has such a personality and, while gazing at a flock, one can’t help but think of sinking their fingers into these beautiful fleeces.

So, here you go! These are some or the amazing Churro that make it into our Medium Weight Churro Yarn and our Churro Club boxes.



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