Here is one last “sheepy” Dose for you!

You have met the sheep, seen Trinidad being shorn and now for the skirting!

Once the fleece is off the sheep, it is moved to the skirting table. Unusable pieces (this varies, depending on the intended use of the fleece) are removed and the fleece is prepped for the mill (or a lucky hand-spinner or felter).

You can see a little of what happens at the mills, by clicking here and here.

Then it gets to us, we dye it up and get it ready for you!

From the ranches to the dye pots, every step of the process has its own beauty… and so many people truly dedicated to the process!

We hope these last few Doses have given you a little taste of what goes into making the yarns that we all love to use!



P.S. That is Connie Taylor on the right, Minna on the left and Patricia Quintana in the back.

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