Journey II by Priscilla Alden 30″x23″, hand-dyed wool

This tapestry is part of our exploration of weaving in series. Click here, here, here, and here to see more of Priscilla’s weavings. This is the second in this series. Click here to see the first.

“These tapestries are about moving through time, and the zigs and zags along the way. Some are woven using Navajo techniques and all feature color blending and shading. The pieces are influenced by travels to ancient cultures and their art and architectural ruins.” – Priscilla

Check out Priscilla’s website to see more of her beautiful work:

2 comments on “Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

  • Just beautiful – Both of the pieces are !!!
    So much talent here – thank you for sharing
    I’ve printed them out and they are on my Wall at Work

    • Thank you, Marylynn! So glad you like them! And that you have printed them out for your “Wall at Work”! 🙂

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