Banded Cross by Rachel Brown, 52″ x 44.5″, hand-dyed wool, 1991

This Dose is part of our exploration of series. You can click here, here, here and here to see more from this exploration.

After weaving Interrupted Symmetry, Rachel started playing around with “interrupting” tapestries with plain weave (stripes).

I remember my grandma always telling me about how she would be weaving a piece and during the process she would end up with a stack of potential design ideas. Every weaving/design would evolve on the loom and bits of each would inspire her next pieces. If you look at her work in sequence (by year) you can see this. One element from said piece would become the main design element of a following piece and so on, showing that “series” come in lots of shapes and forms.

This piece was woven the same year as Interrupted Symmetry, the first in this “series”.

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