Blue Rio Grande by Margaret Hermann, 33″ x 54″, hand-spun, naturally dyed Churro wool


As I am sure you noticed, the Daily Dose has been a bit sporadic this year due to the many projects we have going on. But, we are back on task and have a lineup of some wonderful Doses for you!

To start is this beauty by Margaret Hermann!

A few days ago, Margaret met me at the shop so I could take a look at a series of tapestries she has been working on for several years now. All of them are hand-spun, naturally dyed Churro wool and absolutely stunning!

Long story short, she is about to pull the last one off the loom and we have decided to give her a one-woman show at Weaving Southwest!

We want to bring her on as one of our tapestry artists, but feel this show deserves a special celebration!

So, from September 21st – October 3rd, the walls of our shop will be covered in these beautiful, large, hand-spun, naturally dyed tapestries!

On September 21st, from 5PM-7PM, we are having a reception to celebrate Margaret and her accomplishment (this series has been many years in the making)!

If you happen to be around, we would love for you to join us! And, if you can’t, not to worry… the entire show will be up on our website too!




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