Las Cinco Estrellas by Don Leon Sandoval, 72” x 120”, Churro wool, natural (black, gray and white) and naturally dyed (Kota yellow, Cochineal reds and pinks, indigo blue, green is chamisa yellow with indigo overdye)

We are so excited to start announcing the demonstrators that will be attending Lana: A Fiber Experience! And what a better way than to share their beautiful work on the Daily Dose!

Don Leon Sandoval (or you may know him as Donald Sandoval from the Mutual Admiration Society is a 5th generation weaver from Truchas, New Mexico. He’s been weaving in the Spanish New Mexico Rio Grande style for 24 years and has won several awards for his work at the Traditional Santa Fe Spanish Market. His work is in collections world-wide and in several museums, notably the Denver Art Museum (this piece we are sharing with you today) and the El Rancho de las Golondrinas living history museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Don will be demonstrating Rio Grande Style weaving on a traditional standing walking loom. He will be available for discussions on the Rio Grande Style, weaving techniques, loom setup, loom operation, design layout and natural pigment dying.

Click here to see more of his weavings and what he does! We are so excited that he will be joining us for this event!



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