Handwoven Rug 1 by Allen Rumme, 36″x 58″, hand-dyed wool


Allen Rumme, who wove this beautiful piece, is another of the wonderful demonstrators that will be participating in Lana: A Fiber Experience!

During the event, Allen will be dyeing wool using Pro Chemicals Sabraset (aka Lanaset) acid dyes.  He will be available to discuss all aspects of the process, including fiber preparation, tool requirements, the dyeing process chemistry, etc.  In addition, he will have on display a large color study that he conducted this past year, as well as some Depth Of Shade studies.

And here’s Allen’s bio…
In 2011, while researching some information for a friend, Allen discovered the tapestries of Rachel Brown.  Having been a photographic artist for almost 5 decades, and always seeking inspiration, he wondered if learning to weave tapestry might not provide that inspiration.  It wasn’t long before Allen had several looms, and was busily teaching himself to weave. While initially interested in tapestry, he thought that weaving rugs might be a good way to further refine his weaving skills, since rugs can contain a variety of weaving elements.  Then, about three years ago, Allen started dyeing all of the yarn used in his projects.

As a result of his rug weaving, Allen identified a lack of tools specifically geared to weavers needing high capacity shuttles.  While initially designing and building high capacity bull nose boat shuttles for his own use, he subsequently started his business, High Desert Weaving, which offers his shuttles commercially.

You can click here to check out his website. He has great free information on it about Lanaset dyeing and you can also get his amazing shuttles there (they really are my favorite!).




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