Handwoven rug by Melinda Bateman, hand-spun Churro wool

So now we would like to continue introducing you to some of the amazing demonstrators that will be joining us for Lana: A Fiber Experience!

Melinda, who wove this beautiful piece from her hand-spun yarns, will be demonstrating Spinning on a Rio Grande Wheel!

Below is a bit more about Melinda.


“I love the shapes, forms, and colors that I find everyday in the natural world. From these I draw my inspiration for the designs that I use in my weavings. I also find inspiration in the traditional weavings of this region of the Southwest, the Navajo chief blankets in particular and the Hopi moki striping always strike some deep chord of resonance in me.

I have chosen to work as a weaver for multiple reasons. I like to have something practical, utilitarian and beautiful. Hence most of my work has been rugs. Wool has been the fiber of choice, either my own hand-spun yarns or machine spun hand-dyed yarn. Hand dyed yarns have a slight variation of color that gives them a warmth or liveliness that I don’t find in machine dyed yarns.  In dyeing language we call this streakiness, and the odd skeins that have just the right amount of this streakiness are the most treasured, and fun to weave with. I also love texture and the feel of materials.” – Melinda

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