Flower Garden by Karen Griffing, 6″ x 12″ (including fringe but not strap), 100% Churro wool

The Churro Club Exhibition II is now hanging in our shop and it will be live on our website soon!

We will be having a reception on Saturday, October 7th, 4-7PM. We hope you can join us if you are around! 🙂

This piece is one of the many beauties submitted for this exhibition!



Materials in detail… 

100% Churro Wool. Knotted pile is mainly May 2017 Churro Club colors, small amount of Churro Club yarn from other months; white Churro warp and weft yarns also used.

Techniques used…

Knotted pile weaving, Soumak and weft twining in the body of the bag.

Notes on this piece…

“Woven on a simple frame loom, this design was inspired by the lovely spring colors of the May 2017 Churro Club yarns that reminded me of a flower garden in full bloom. I enjoy making artwork that can be touched and used every day.” – Karen Griffing

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